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Opt for top-of-the-range solutions for your e-learning management and softskills training courses.

On your platform

If you have a learning platform, we can provide our training courses in SCORM or XAPI formats.

On our platform

We take care of everything. Learners log on to our learning platform. You can follow their progress.

We take care of everything

E-learning courses involve knowledge and technical skills that are not easy to master if you are not familiar with the field.

Benefit from our experience. We manage the processes in such a way that they become very simple to implement: you tell us who needs to take which training and when; we take care of the rest.


We take care of the mass registration of your employees


If you wish, we can take care of sending out e-mails to inform your employees.


You can consult real-time and download training progress and success reports.

Team Subscription

from 6 to 25 people
129 per year & per team member
  • Registration of your team members
  • Unlimited access to all courses
  • Access to team reports by the manager

Bulk Subscription

25+ team members
on request custom pricing
  • You choose the registration method
  • You choose the courses
  • Access to team reports by the team leader

They chose us

213 Off-the-shelf e-learning courses

in French and English

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