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Develop truly effectively in depth your management skills

Why are our courses of superior quality?

Our courses are entirely original: written, designed, filmed, and produced by  Aysseline de Lardemelle, a recognized expert.

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An easy and intuitive platform

Navigate smoothly with a simple and clear interface, focusing on the essentials of your learning experience.

Innovative pedagogy

We’ve gone all out on substance as well as form. Each module is designed to make complex subjects simple and easy to grasp. Afthonios’ pedagogy is based on the idea of “inspiring and equipping.” It adopts a coaching approach that engages the learner.

Expert Videos

Incorporation of keywords and graphics to enhance attention and retention​


Matching exercises, quizzes, true-false questions, clickable interactive images, images to flip for better learning retention​

Abundance of visuals

To make the course progression more playful and aesthetic​

Storytelling Videos

To facilitate identification, challengie certainties, and spark reflection in a playful and unconventional manner​

User-Friendly Design

Courses are easy to follow and understand, adapting to all screens: smartphones, tablets, computers.​

Best Practices

Inclusion of company "best practices" to enhance learning credibility and overcome obstacles like "it's not possible"​

The most comprehensive management training catalog on the market

AFTHONIOS places particular emphasis on regularly updating the content of its courses. This ensures access to the latest information and best management practices.

213 courses

The most comprehensive management course catalog on the market.​

65 pathways

Longer courses validated by a final quiz leading to certification.​

5821 Learners

Our courses are praised for their pedagogical quality.​

240 learning hours

Courses to be taken at your own pace, whenever you wish.​

Accessible 7/7 - 24/24
on all your screens

All our courses are 100% responsive: you can follow them on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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