The golden rules for managing your time at work

If 20% of my efforts generate 80% of my successes, it means I can free up 75% of my time... and gift it to myself, effortlessly!

Update: 28 January 2024

Training objectives

In this training course, you will learn how to :
  • Optimize your time and be more efficient at work by applying the 5 laws of time.
  • Accurately estimate the time required to complete a task using Murphy's Law.
  • Set realistic deadlines to prevent tasks from unnecessarily dragging on thanks to Parkinson's Law.
  • Reclaim time by limiting interruptions and multitasking with Carlson's Law.
  • Give importance of regular breaks to maximize your efficiency thanks to Illich's Law.
  • Focus on essential tasks (80/20) to be more productive using Pareto's Law.

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