How to organize an effective virtual meeting

Behind the screen, there are always thinking souls. How can we bring ourselves closer in the distance and reinvent meetings thanks to new techs.

Update: 23 January 2024

Training objectives

Dans cette formation, vous découvrirez comment :
  • Capitalize on all the advantages that virtual meetings offer compared to in-person meetings.
  • Use and harness the best of online collaborative tools to make them more effective than in-person meetings.
  • Strengthen reception, attentiveness, and friendliness to compensate for the lack of human warmth.
  • Create a clear and structured framework for remote meetings to avoid disconnections and time wastage.
  • Time the sequences and consistently steer participants back to the meeting's objective to prevent digressions.
  • Partner with a colleague and/or surround yourself with partners to address the challenges of virtual meetings.
  • Compensate for the lack of physical presence by actively ensuring maximum participation.

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