Making the right decisions: drivers and obstacles

The best decisions are those made beyond the fog of information, the flood of opinions, and the tumult of hesitations.

Update: 24 January 2024

Training objectives

In this training course, you will learn how to :
  • Understand decision-making mechanisms and dare to make and announce decisions, even amidst uncertainty.
  • Use intuition and common sense for decision-making and taking action.
  • Manage information overload, finding a balance between gathering information and the need to move towards decision-making.
  • Tap into collective intelligence, fostering an environment that encourages the expression of the "wisdom of crowds."
  • Spot and diminish cognitive biases, championing diverse opinions, constructive criticism, and preventing the Groupthink phenomenon.
  • Understand and manage internal doubts and conflicts, adopting effective decision-making strategies.

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