Promoting agility in a constantly evolving world

Will the technological revolution serve humans and organizations or destroy them? Both scenarios will occur simultaneously. It all depends on the level of awareness and agility of each individual.

Update: 27 January 2024

Training objectives

In this online course, you will discover the need to:
  • Develop great organizational flexibility and immense team agility to adjust to transformations.
  • Understand the choice of many employees to go freelance and the advantage for companies.
  • Prepare for the proliferation of DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) using Blockchain.
  • Maintain a dynamic, quasi-organic balance to ensure the organization's sustainability.
  • Anticipate, choose, and wisely deploy the use of artificial intelligence at work to avoid being outpaced.
  • Adapt to new professions created by technological breakthroughs
  • Create a conscious and regulated work organization to remain in service to humans.

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