Telecommuting: How to manage your time effectively?

Control over working hours or a trust agreement with the remote employee? If they love their job, trust is possible. If they don't love it... is control really the solution?

Update: 24 January 2024

Training objectives

In this online course, you will learn how to:
  • Ensure that remote work is effective and productive without entering a demotivating surveillance spiral.
  • Understand the legislation on work time organization.
  • Developing trust in the organization of teleworking in order to avoid the risk of "snooping".
  • Replace the control of working time with the monitoring of activity indicators.
  • Manage one's time and daily telework planning at home intelligently.
  • Plan weekly and have a daily to-do list.
  • Take frequent breaks to maintain balance and know when to disconnect at the end of the day.

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