Become an active participant in your workplace inclusion

Inclusion starts with yourself: taking your place rather than waiting and complaining for others to advance you a throne.

Update: 30 January 2024

Training objectives

In this course, you will discover the choices and attitudes to value in order to facilitate your inclusion.
  • Join an organization that genuinely promotes Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Be aware of your uniqueness as well as your similarities with the teams you work with.
  • Embrace your differences and similarities without hiding or diminishing them.
  • Value your differences and similarities, turning them into assets for all.
  • Refocus on the common mission to move forward together in a shared direction, regardless of differences.
  • Don't remain silent in the face of misunderstandings and non-inclusive or discriminatory attitudes: speak up!
  • Seek help if you still feel excluded despite your positive efforts.

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