Being a manager and a mediator: a dual essential skill

A manager who trains in mediation is a manager who invests in cooperation.

Update: 24 January 2024

Training objectives

Dans cette formation, vous découvrirez comment :
  • Be a manager-mediator, juggling the paradoxes of these two roles.
  • As a manager: Prevent conflict, welcome it and identify your own responsibility and room for maneuver, while keeping an eye on departmental objectives.
  • As a mediator: Take a step back, remain neutral, refrain from interfering in the negotiation to understand the conflict, erasing all your certainties about the people and situations from your database.
  • Find a balance between the roles and attitudes of a manager and a mediator depending on the situations.
  • Transform decisions made into "objectives" and provide positive feedback for any positive progress.
  • Train in mediation tools to acquire facilitator skills.

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