Breaking free from the pressure of perfection

Our mind has decreed us to be imperfect. So, our ego seized this judgment to launch us into the quest for perfection.

Update: 23 January 2024

Training objectives

Dans cette formation, vous découvrirez comment :
  • Everyone has their own definition and belief in perfection: society and philosophy clash.
  • Realize that the search for perfection is often linked to values and individual quests that might be misaligned.
  • Understand that the ideal of perfection is unattainable and a source of dissatisfaction.
  • Accept one's imperfection to be more open and kind to others' imperfections.
  • Discover the beauty and outcomes sometimes generated by our "imperfect humanity."
  • Let go of certain perfection criteria and put into perspective the values that condemn us.
  • Live "Imperfect, free, and happy" as recommended by Christophe André.

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