Breaking free from (toxic) relationship games that drain us

Drama is to your psyche what sugar is to your biology. It’s a kick, a high, a distraction, and it’s generally false. You can absolutely live without drama.

Update: 22 January 2024

Training objectives

Dans cette formation, vous découvrirez comment :
  • Understand Karpman's triangle and the psychological games that deteriorate our relationships.
  • Spot the infernal triangle and avoid taking on the roles of victim, savior, or persecutor.
  • Keep your needs in focus to avoid slipping into the savior role.
  • Learn to meet your actual needs to prevent positioning yourself as a victim.
  • Listen to others, clarify, and calmly express your feelings and needs to prevent aggressive reactions.
  • Know how to react as an adult when faced with a victim, a rescuer and a frontal attacker.
  • Replace the attitudes of victim, savior, or persecutor to collaborate peacefully outside of power games.

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